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Our mission is to help people with their medicinal problems with herbal tea combinations and nutrition and recipes for increasing immunity system of organism, after which the organism heal the diseases itself.


Welcome to the official web page of Rosa Canina DOOEL Resen, Herbalist Naume Petkovski

On this web page you can find efficient natural solutions for a great number of different diseases and disorders. Our herbal products are completely natural, harmless, they do not cause any side effects or any addictions, and they can be taken up together with your medication prescribed by your doctor while helping you getting rid of the diseases in a faster and easier way. The methods are based on taking teas and tea combinations following with proper diet. We are using purely natural herbal products which are made following a long tradition and a great deal of experience. All our herbal products are patented and attested.
With our complete therapies you will solve not only the consequences of your particular disease but also the cause of it. Our goal is to help people to get rid of their particular diseases in the best possible way for them, with minimum side effects. Our products are efficient and not expensive. The tea combinations are harmless, they do not cause any contraindication if they are taken with any medications and they are not addictive.
The success of improving and sometimes even curing a particular disease depends on the diagnosis and the discipline that the patient can exhibit, and it can last between 7 and 42 days. With more difficult diseases the therapy can last even up to 120 days. We recommend regular screenings and visits to your doctor as well to monitor the improvements.


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 Teas for treatment of disease on urinary organs

Inflammations of urinary canals
-Inflammations of kidneys (nephrite)
-Sediments, sand and stone in kidneys
-Cystitis and bacterial disease
 (cystitis, Tu, Ca to III degree)

Teas for treatment of skin disease

-Sugreb (prurigo) furuncle
-Flagmen, acne, acnerosacae
-Psoriasis vulgaris
-Seborrhea, ihtiosis, eritemen lupus, vitiligo

Teas for treatment of gall-liver disease

-Inflammation of gallbladder
-Sediment, sand and gallstone
-Disease of liver (hepatitis) Tu-Ca to III degree
-Disease of (pancreas)
-Disease of spleen

 Teas for treatment of female gender diseases

-Disease of female gender organs
- dysfunction of menstrual cycles,
- inflammations of vagina,
-  inflammations of ovaries, and ovaries canals,
- sterility and diseases of pap and


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How to cure diseases




Manual for kidneys diseases
Manual for digestive diseases
Manual for female gender diseases
Manual for Diabetes1 and Diabetes 2
Manual for Psoriasis Vulgaris
Manual for Vitiligo
Manual for losing weight




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Herbal products



Hepato-mix -1

Hepato-Mix 3/1
Hepato-Mix 4/1 Silimarin
Hepato-Mix 5/1

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